The Alpha course is a chance to explore some of the bigger questions of life, as well as meet new people. It lasts for about 8-10 weeks, and each evening begins with a meal together, before watching a DVD talk, and then discussion time to ask whatever you want. 


We find the course is helpful for people who many different people, from those who have never been to church, or unsure of what they believe, to those who would call themselves Christians but want to know more. 


If you are interested in the Alpha course please email or ring 0208 468 7035.

We are yet to decide which evening in the week we will be running the course, as we want to be as flexible as possible to enable everyone to come. If you would like to see what the course is all about we are holding an Alpha Supper on Thursday 21st September 2017 at 7:30pm - all are welcome - but please contact us to book a place.