Why should I serve?

SLBC is a church where we want to see every person plays their part in building God’s kingdom. God gives us interests and skills that, when put to use, enable us to make a real difference in our church,  community, and world. And when we place a serving towel over our arm, we find community, an opportunity to be with others, and joy in following Christ's example. Whether you are just beginning or continuing your journey you have a role in God's great adventure. You can participate in the journey by:


Exploring ministry opportunities that align with your passion



Discovering your spiritual gifts and specific role



Experiencing God working through you to impact the lives of others


Does SLBC really need me to  volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! While we understand that many people
may think their serving won't make a difference, the truth is that dozens and dozens of needs exist and we need your help. If our church is to thrive, each of us needs to step up and join what God is doing in and through people.

How do I find out what volunteer opportunities are available?

Currently the best way to find out serving opportunities is to speak to the Minister, or an Elder, both of which can point you in the right direction.

How do I begin serving?

Once you decide you want to explore a specific serving opportunity, we can arrange an initial 'try out' experience. We'd rather you try a few opportunities and feel happy than go to the first place you notice.

What is expected of me?

Expectations vary from role to role. SLBC does its best to ensure you are appropriately equipped and trained. The most important two things you can do is to stay close to Jesus and show up at the appointed time! Should you ever have any questions about what is expected of you, be sure to talk with your team leader. Open communication is the best method to be sure the serving
opportunity is a good fit for both you and the ministry.

What is the time commitment?

The great news is that you can tailor your serving to fit your schedule and your season of life. There are serving opportunities available around the weekend services as well as throughout the week.