We believe that baptism is a really important step in the Christian faith. It is a practice that Jesus taught us to do as a sign of our commitment to him, and an outward demonstration of an inward reality of what God is doing in our lives. Essentially in baptism we are saying goodbye to our old ‘me’, and entering into the new ‘me’ that God wants me to be by dying and rising again, as Jesus himself did. It is also about being declared clean by God – the water we use isn’t special in any way, but water is something that cleans us, and baptism is about becoming spiritually clean and pure before God, not because of our own goodness, but because of the goodness of Jesus.

Baptism is a really significant moment in the Christian’s walk with God. We find people describing in baptism feeling the presence of God in a strong way, and we believe that God honours this step of commitment and draws close to us by His Holy Spirit.

If you feel ready to “take the plunge” then please email about it and we’ll talk further.